A Note From Judge Kelly

In my 2012 campaign, I often had the opportunity to share my desire to become a judge in the "People’s Court." This community is near and dear to me. It's where I've grown up, worked and volunteered. I knew it was the people of this community who I wanted to serve.

Humbled and blessed with overwhelming support, I committed myself to making sure I lived up to the promises made. I believe that all who come to my courtroom should leave feeling that they were treated fairly and with respect because everyone deserves to have their day in court.

It has been a privilege to serve this community as a Volusia County Court Judge. I remain committed to instilling professionalism and high standards both on the bench and in my re-election campaign.   

I appreciate the encouragement I've received throughout my first term in office and am thankful for the many volunteers who are already supporting my re-election campaign. Thank you for your interest, and I look forward to sharing our campaign news with you here regularly. 


Christopher Kelly
Volusia County Court Judge